It’s never too late to start again

It’s never too late to start again

There seems to be this invisible wall that people hit and say to themselves that this is it, that this is where the line is drawn and it’s too late to pursue what really matters to them. I say it’s never too late to start again, the world is forever changing from seasons to the climate to the very foundation of our collective moral standpoints.

The past few years have been personally hard for me. At first I was on the path to doing all of the things I wanted to do; in the middle of a university course, writing my first novel, doing open mic nights. When push came to shove I realised that I had taken on more than I could chew and my decision was to give it all up. Flash forward a couple of years I was in a different predicament, I’d wasted all this time and couldn’t bare to go back and start again, all of the effort and time that comes with it was a strong demoraliser. Spending a lot of time researching and listening to podcasts I came to a certain conclusion.

It’s never time wasted, it’s time spent learning about you’re like and dislikes, what works for you. From relationships to education, to work environments, as I’m slowly forcing myself back into the dreams I had let go of I’ve realised it’s like riding a bike, picking up where I left off. I also realised that I wasn’t alone, this may not be universally advertised but there are plenty of people living their dreams and in the limelight who started incredibly late.

Here’s four people from a growing list who found their dreams late in life and as you can tell it’s working out pretty well for them, just to name a few:

Samuel L. Jackson

Who despite having done quite a few stage shows and tv programs only hit his early peak when he starred in Pulp Fiction and by then he was 45 and is the star we know and love today, imagine if he had given up.

Sheryl Crow

A famous artist known mostly for her country music was a secondary school music teacher. She tried writing jingles for commercials, backup singing, hired events. During the era when most people were downloading songs from MP3 websites, her music became a fast internet sensation and by the age of 31 – a legend was born.

Ricky Gervais

Has been acting since he was in his thirties. The British comedian has stolen the hearts and mind of millions across the globe with his tell it how it is persona but he only became the star he is through perseverance. Eventually landing his role on hit TV show (known better for it’s American counterpart) The Office at 40.

Bob Ross

The late art mogul had spent 20 years of his life in the US Air Force. It took until his retirement from this to decide to learn and refine his art and by the age of 41 he became the one of the most known artists in the world with his works now featuring on major streaming platforms.

Just a few more unmentioned to keep the ball rolling:

  • Morgan Freeman had wanted to be an actor since he was a child, unfortunately life didn’t go his way and he was an Airforce pilot at first. Luckily for us he left and decided to pursue his dream which only became a reality at 50! Imagine if he hadn’t, we would have lost one of the Hollywood royals.
  • Vera Wang had jumped from completely different industries, from figure skating to journalism but by the time she hit 40 she had opened her first boutique and is now known across the world for her designs
  • J.K. Rowling was stuck in a rut, depressed and unable to support her child after getting divorced. Things changed dramatically when at 32 she got her first book published!
  • Steve Carell spent an entire decade pursuing his dream as a comedian and an actor, originally being a mailman. Similar to Ricky Gervais, he hit his stride in the hit comedy The Office at the age of 43, which really got his career rolling.
  • Oprah Winfrey, originally fired for her emotional outbreaks aired her first episode of The Oprah Winfrey show at 32

The point of me showing you these people is because most of them are people we know and love and a lot of people look up to and admire. Yet many don’t know that it took big chunks of their life, hard work and perseverance to make it, even if it was later in life. It really never is too late.

I’ve been making it my personal mission to pursue everything and anything I want to do (within reason), because there’s no telling when I will break out and reach the potential I have, and this is your sign for you to do the same!

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