About SilvaCorner

Hey! Welcome to SilvaCorner. My name is Ay Silva, I’m Portuguese/Angolan, raised in England. I’m on my way to study Media and Marketing at university. My favourite passions are writing and singing, from fiction and poetry to RnB classics and spoken word.

The main focus of this website is to showcase my work. From writing prompts to poems and short stories and eventually bigger pieces of work in progress.

I also have a separate blog space to share my journey of (hopefully) thought provoking research and conversations about our collective journey and it’s impact on our mentality and creativity. You’ll probably find content ranging around topics about mental health, musicians, artists and writers.

I hope to engage with unfamiliar content and different ways of thinking, and to share these opinions from my point of view in hopes they might help or interest others. This space is also always open to the creative world; other bloggers, artists, singers to share their journeys and their mental development. A lot of the content you’ll find here will revolve around self-help guides, hot topics, coping mechanisms, relevant podcasts and current influencers that are contributing to the community.

A smaller rundown about me:

Feel free to contact me for any enquiries or business proposals at actuallyay@gmail.com.