3 reasons why learning about politics will make you feel safer

3 reasons why learning about politics will make you feel safer

When I say feel safer, in some ways I mean you’ll really be safer. Politics is quite literally the driving force of every countries population. Any particular way the government sways determines anything from education to homelessness to human rights, knowing more about politics is a sure way of getting to know your country and the people in it a little bit better. Of course take my statement with a pinch of salt, for a lot of people the country they reside in is not on their side but this is exactly why we should all be aware of the political agenda surrounding us. The less you know is not only harmful to yourself but to everybody around you, so let’s find out why learning about politics will make you feel safer.

(1) The way you live your adult life will be determined by politics

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One way or another most decisions made by the government directly affect the working class people, decisions that influence how wages and taxes work, the ages of consent and drinking, the laws that decide whether or not partaking in recreational drugs will get you into trouble. These laws represent you, the people around you and your country. Until the age of 18 (at least in the UK) you are unable to vote, as a young adult you’re thrown out of an education system that failed to educate you on the very government that decides what you should learn about – you see how backwards that sounds when you say it out loud? It’s up to you and only you to educate yourself on the subject.

The very education system we are a part of is balanced at the feet of the government, there have been consistent increase in tuition and maintenance fees and even the types of resources they can provide to help poorer students or those with mental health needs. By voting locally for the MPs that support and represent the things you have to say, the likelihood of making changes to the system for the better begins to sky rocket.

(2) The more informed you are, the more informed the people around you will be

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Have you ever been a part of a conversation where you weren’t sure what you should, could or want to say? Was it an intense topic on race, gender, war or immigration? These all seem like separate subjects but are all encompassed by politics. The way people think is driven by what they hear and learn from their surroundings. The more you educate yourself on these kinds of matters you’ll be able to interject and have meaningful conversations with people. The intention is not to change peoples minds but to understand them and be able to express yourself easily, which might even help somebody else understand something they were unaware of.

You’re less likely to associate yourself with people who don’t stand for the things you believe in if you’re well educated on exactly what you believe in. Brexit was an extremely hot topic for anyone residing in the UK and much of Europe, it was the decider between being a part of a union of countries that help each other and are represented equally or an independent country, who stood for itself and made its own trade deals. I remember my own friends being asked where they stood on the matter and as much as they wanted to side with one or the other, they couldn’t because the simply didn’t know enough about it.

(3) It’s not going anywhere

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Politics has always been a part of human society and most probably always will be. The decisions your ancestors made through voting and protesting is the reason why we live the way we do today. The decision you make as an active voter will consequently decide how your children and grandchildren live. Wouldn’t you rather be a part of that decision instead of taking a back seat and letting everyone else have a say on how your children get to live?

It may seem like a blip in the ocean, one measly vote out of millions. That measly vote can be decider between a right, centrist or left leaning government. If every single measly vote was to participate then the odds would be more likely to represent the true feeling of the country.

It may be daunting, believe me I know, but in reality it’s just showing you care. Not knowing about the politics nationally or internationally should come as some sort of a failure. The world is so bad in so many places and there are so many things we as people are unable to change, but participating and voting for the people that can change anything and everything should make you want to do exactly that. To protect your lifestyle and ensure that the politics are keeping up with the life equality we should all be aspiring to have.

You should feel safer in knowing that you are not only aware of the way the world works, but that you can make a difference and that your voice does matter.

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